...In 1997, I went to visit a girlfriend and
her husband.
On the North Shore of Kauai.
But it rains every morning on the North
That's why it is so lush and green and
So I brought us each a little 'handwork'.
To do on the lanai (deck) in the mornings.
While talking story and drinking good
Hawaiian Coffee.
Jill's friends saw her
quilt blocks and wanted
to know.
Where they could get the
So now beyond the reef sells in Hawaii.
And in selected shops on the Mainland.
Please visit your local quilt shop and ask
about our patterns.
Our website is for "must have" items only.
So that we don't compete with ourselves.
Or your local quilt shop.
On occasion, we will be
invited to attend a quilt
Where we  become
"Purveyors of Fine
Hawaiian Lifestyle
I am a pattern designer...I am
a designer.
I am here to inspire, to
motivate, to create.
I am the shipping department,
the bookeeper,
the graphics guy, the IT geek,
the file clerk, the switchboard
I am Natalie Barnes.  
...it's a pleasure to meet you...
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f