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b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f

beyond the reef began on the island of Kauai - one rainy morning on a lanai in Hanalei

our first pattern was sold to the Kapaia Stitchery

now our patterns are sold through Brewer, Checker, EE Schenck, Petersen Arne and United Notions

Natalie Barnes


I am a pattern designer...and fabric designer.....I am a designer.
I am here to inspire, to motivate, to create.
I am the shipping department,
the bookeeper,
the graphics department,

the IT wizard,
the file clerk, the switchboard operator.

I am Natalie Barnes.'s a pleasure to meet you!

Natalie Barnes


you might find

beyond the reef

on Facebook live

or a part of an interview on


Check our youTube channel

beyond the reef

for short tutorials too!

Please visit us online!





Natalie Barnes, Jill Marie Landis


most days are spent

designing new fabrics

and new quilts,

searching out inspiration

for both,

and pattern writing, illustrating and editing.


couldn't be any better!!

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