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thank you so much for considering our patterns

in our industry, there are a lot of great designs from which to choose, and a lot of talented designers

and I am very honored that you want to carry our patterns


patterns have color front and back, and in some cases, color instructions

patterns have cover stock covers and text pages in a saddle stitched booklet format

patterns are in high quality lip and tape cello hang tag bags

item numbers and upc codes are included

all patterns are 'scalable' or contain yardage for various size projects



Brewer + Checker + EE Schenck + PetersenArne + United Notions


please contact

or your favorite distributor

to place a wholesale order


thank you again for your consideration


patterns are for personal use only

no pattern may be reproduced without permission

if you would like to use a pattern for a fund raiser, please contact me directly prior to doing so

thank you for your courtesy

string of pearls quilt pattern
ginger stalks quilt pattern
modern medallion quilt pattern
hang ten quilt pattern
aloha bears pattern
aloha shirt quilt pattern
fractured quilt pattern
curio quilt pattern
normas rose quilt pattern
big starry sky quilt pattern
flower garden steps quilt pattern
ric rac quilt pattern
wild geese quilt pattern
starfish quilt pattern
hopscotch quilt pattern
floats quilt pattern
square dance quilt pattern
starry sky quilt pattern
post and beam quilt pattern
palm canyon quilt pattern
morphosis quilt pattern
ginger blossoms quilt pattern
bucket bag pattern
homeward quilt pattern
atamis chenk quilt pattern
morningstar + eveningstar quilt pattern
mochi quilt pattern
merry & mod quilt pattern
flower fields quilt pattern
t a t t o o

Combining triangles and lines makes this Island Tattoo quilt a striking project, and easy to achieve. Teach a class in precision triangle piecing! It's easier than it looks.

flower stalls

This is fat eighth or fat quarter friendly and a very achievable project. Great for that fabric you just don't want to cut up!

tiki temple quilt pattern

t i k i t e m p l e is a sew it, cut it, sew it again. As I like to say, "no 2-1/2" squares were cut in the making of this quilt. Two different layouts in the same pattern.

kahakai quilt pattern

A very versatile pattern - all you need is some contrast for this one. Another sew it, cut it up, sew it again pattern. Great Class.

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